Smart Home Automation

Technology with a Touch of Luxury

Smart Home Automation solutions provider based in Oman. With a focus on user experience, Smart Homes is creating a revolution in the industry by bridging the world of distributed media (music, pictures, videos and movies) with sophisticated control systems for lighting, appliances, curtains, security, air conditioning, IR systems, and multi-room audio.

Some of the unique features of the Smart Homes offering is that it is highly secure, stable, and state of the art! The potential of Smart Home integration can traverse almost any sub-system and can achieve complex automation scenarios, dependancies, and intelligence of operating a house. We design our systems from during the construction or renovation stages of a project. Some existing can also be automated, but this comes with certain limitations.

The Smart Homes Research and Development team is made up of a highly talented pool of individuals who have been a part of the progress of Smart Home technologies as they have evolved since 2015. Our team is dedicated not only to bringing the best solutions and technologies to Oman, but also to the continuous development of our offering to match the changing lifestyles of our customers as well as the technologies they use.

Our Goal is to create one-of-a-kind Smart Home Automation technologies that are far more advanced than anything else in the Oman, Middle East, even around the world; at the same time, keeping it easy to use in a way that will improve lifestyle and tremendously drive up property value.

What is Smart Home Automation?

Once the Control Technology is chosen, a System is made up of several modules. We like to categorize the Smart Home Automation Experience into 4 modules:

Choice Smart Home Automation Control Technology?

KNX based wired Smart Home Automation allows for the flexibility of installing in any residence in Oman. KNX technology is an industry standard with thousands of manufacturers and supporting partners all over the world. A home owner adopting this technology will can ensure his/her property ranks high on investment protection for the next 5+ years.

Module 1


Control of all electrical areas including lighting, appliances, HVAC, curtains, and door locks. Lighting Smart Automation control systems will cover dimmers and relay switches. Dimmers will allow the owner to have pre-set lighting moods. Fans, water heaters, sprinkler systems can all be controlled as well and put on pre-set smart automation schedules. Any device that has a relay to turn on or off can be part of the KNX system. Thermostats can be positioned to control cooling, the HVAC can be placed on constant pre-sets based on day of the week and time of the day thus saving energy and promoting environmental friendliness. Curtain tracks can be replaced with motorized KNX modules to allow integration with the Smart Home Automation system. KNX enabled door locks provide for security and easy access control as the owner will be able to activate with one button the door locks and switch off all the lighting at the same time.

Module 2


Ensuring the security of the house is a critical component of Smart Home Automation. Wired and wireless cameras installed in the form of indoor cameras and outdoor cameras ensure the monitoring and surveillance. Motion sensors and door sensors installed in key areas as well as motion activated sirens can ensure no unauthorized entry at certain times of the day. In our solution, motion sensors and door sensors are also used for automation. for example, a motion sensor can automatically activate lights in a garage, or a door sensor can activate a siren at the entrance at night. A motion sensor can also be installed in a bedroom to turn on the dimmer switches, open the curtains and play music on the speakers only when motion is detected say between 3:00 and 3:30 on weekdays.

Module 3

Multimedia and
Home Theater - The Media Center

Smart Home Automation gives a sense of comfort, security, luxury. But a Multimedia and Theater completes the picture by creating the ultimate multimedia experience on every TV. The user will have a centralized multimedia collection of Movies, Videos, Music, and Pictures. The multimedia collection will then be distributed to every TV in the house by the introduction of a Media Center device connected to each television. Instead of have one room acting as a home theater, every room will be transformed into a luxury entertainment Media Center experience. This module also covers high definition speaker systems ranging from high end cinema speakers to medium range speaker systems for bedrooms and living rooms which can act as 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound systems.

Module 4

Multi-room Music

Listening to music is a core part of Smart Home Automation and entertainment. Speakers installed in each room can be used to play and distribute music to the whole house even play the internet radio station in Oman. The user will be able to play his/her favorite music albums on all house speakers or different music for different rooms/zones. Imagine pressing one button before a dinner party in your home in Oman that will turn on all lighting and dimmer switches, adjust the HVAC through its Zwave thermostat and play all party playlists in the living room, dining rooms and majlis.